Our Campaign Priorities

We’ve mapped out a big, bold future for Willow Spring High School Athletics: strengthening our facilities and game experiences to create a welcoming atmosphere that encourages community and participation. Discover how you can support the Storm in developing the Extraordinary by delivering Opportunity, Places, Purpose, Experience and Leadership.

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Where Your Money Will Go

New High Schools in Wake County do not come with many of the basics for Athletics. We are currently without:

  • Irrigation on Baseball and Softball Fields
  • Irrigation on the practice fields for Lacrosse, Soccer and Football
  • Transportation Needs for All Sports
  • Proper dugouts for Softball and Baseball
  • Proper lighting for Baseball and Softball
  • Concessions for Baseball and Softball

Without these facility improvements, we are at a significant disadvantage compared to many schools within a 15 mile radius. Your Donations Matter and help build out revenue sports that support all athletics at Willow Spring.

One Time Donation

One Time Donation