Willow Spring Campaign

Our Campaign Priorities

We’re thrilled to launch our #WeWill Athletic Capital Campaign––a $250k fundraising initiative that will further enhance our high school’s athletic facilities. As a brand new high school Wake County Public Schools provided us with the basics to get athletics started. It’s now the responsibility of the Booster Club to raise funds for additional needs. These needs are not frivolous, they are necessary.


The students of Willow Spring High School deserve the best resources. This campaign will fund:

  • Irrigation on the baseball, softball & practice fields ($80k)
  • Additional athletic buses for transportation of our growing athlete population ($35k per bus)
  • Create a foundation for future facility enhancements 
  • Proper dugouts for Softball and Baseball
  • Proper lighting for Baseball and Softball
  • Concessions for Baseball and Softball

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Phase I of our fundraising initiative began this summer with our volunteer opportunity at Walnut Creek and continues now with NC State Football Beverage Tent. Collectively both initiatives will raise $55.5k. 

The mission of the Willow Spring Storm Club is simple: to do all that we can to position our student athletes for success in all areas of their lives. For many, this development starts on the field, which is why the Storm Boosters is so invested in providing athletes with the best grounds and facilities. 

Give today and join us in giving back and supporting our mission. Donations can be made in a one-time installment or recurring monthly. 

Willow Spring Storm Club is a qualified non-profit under IRS code 501c3. For your planning purposes, upon request we can provide a tax receipt for gifts paid by December 31. Please email Asst.treasurer@willowspringstormboosters.com